New Logo


I received my first draft today from my graphic designer Bailly Fox!

Check her out:

She has managed to capture to fun,  whimsy  and dare I say girly vibe that I wanted for my company logo.

Since this is the first draft there will be more tweaking to come as we move through the corporate branding as well.

She changed my tag line from:  “so good you will lose your head” to “…worth losing your head for!”

I definitely prefer the new tag line.  It is less wordy and more to the point.

As we work through the design concepts I will post updates until the final product is ready.

I am pretty excited!

Sweet Beginnings


I have finally decided to turn my love of baking cookies and tarts into a business: Let Them Eat Cakes Cookies. 

I am in the beginning stages of  establishing my cookie endeavor and hope to chart my progress in my blog.  My goal is to create an indulgent, gourmet line of cookies that will that will make you lose your  head mind!

All my cookies are indulgently made with real butter, top quality chocolate and other ingredients. No artificial preservatives are used to spoil the gourmet cookie experience. And most importantly to me, there are no nuts in any of the cookies I make. As a person who has allergies to ALL nuts I know how hard it can be to find sweets and treats which have not been cross-contaminated with nuts.

From  the classic chocolate chip cookie to delicate madelaine bathed in lemon syrup, cookies are my passion.

As I experiment and add different flavours to my line and build my business, I will chart my progress on my blog.

Thanks for following along.